Friday, June 4, 2010

New Neighbors

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My dream has come true.
It is Mark's nightmare.

We have a mama skunk and 3 (or 4!) of her babies living under our shed and I am thrilled. We saw the mama leading the babies across the neighbors' lawn and across their porch last evening and then found the babies scratching the ground for food outside our back door last night.

They are the cutest dang things in the world!

Scott decided to look in the back yard at about midnight and one started coming toward him. When it saw Scott, he stopped and dove at the ground and clawed it as a show of strength, and then came closer. He clawed again, then got really brave and "attacked" Scott's shoe. Then he backed away, and hit him again.

Now this thing is tiny. A fuzzy Nerf football with a bottle-brush tail that looks as though it is coming right out of it's back. Not exactly threatening.

Scott stood and laughed as this little thing hit him about 4 times as it moved in an arc to get closer to the shed. Finally it just turned and waddled away to his hole!

Poor Mark is sure that we're not only gonna get sprayed, but that within a few months we'll be overrun with skunks. Our 2 cats are already comfortable with them and wait by the windows and door for them to begin their evening hunt for grubs and bugs.

And I am putting out watermelon rinds and looking forward to them being wonderful little friends.

Famous last words.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm a quitter - on my way to being a loser.

What WOMAN! I'm so stinkin' proud of myself I could burst. But not of fatness. Nooooooo. I'm popping out of my buttons because I quit eating sugar.

Sugar. My life has BEEN sugar for what .... oh.... 48 years or so?

I love all things sweet. Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Grocery store cakes with greasy roses. Toaster Strudels - several times a day. Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper. Gummy bears & worms. Spoonfuls* of Nutella. Large spoonfuls. (*See, I think it should be "spoonsful" but Mr. Spell Check disagrees. Idiot.)

I have lived on sugar for so long that I really dislike fruit. Oh, I can handle watermelon & cantaloupe, maraschino cherries, strawberries smooshed up with lots of sugar, and Fuji (the sweetest) apples with Jiff (which is bazillion% sugar) Peanut Butter.

But I've committed to 1 week without sugar. No sugary treats, no syrupy canned fruit, no sweetened juices, no jam or jelly, no kid's cereal. No Nutella. No cookies. No cake. Did I say no sugar? **GASP**

And I'm on day 3 and I'm feelin' good, feelin' strong, givin' 110%, takin' the ball & runnin' with it, and bringin' it home, baby. I have high hopes for a long run of this. Pass day 7 and not look back. My goal is to learn to like fruit, figure out how to make good food a priority ... and in the process feel better and ... bonus: maybe lose weight.

And I've gotta say, so far it's not that hard.