Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lamb-shank martini with garlic froth

Here’s to Mark!
Happy 49th Birthday, my love!

Last night, Mark's fam+Stephanie celebrated his 49th birthday at Woodland's fancy-schmancy Maritime Grill.

My entree was the massive lamb-shank. The bone was large enough to make Marmaduke's flea-bitten day, and there was enough left-over meat to blend a nice after-dinner toast.


(Photo originally uploaded by Alexandra Moss on flicker.com)

The Fairytale Cottages of Carmel

Okay, it's really Carmel, CA, but if I lived there I'd speak with a British accent and serve my guests peppermint tea in my great-grandmother's China cups. We'd also have scones (pronounced properly - scons) with clotted cream.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bloggy droppings.

I don't know what webdings are cuz I'm toally clueless about this, but I'll try all of the fonts out. Nobody cares except me at this point. And I won't tell anyone about this cool-to-be blog
until I have it figured out, so . . . meh. Okay. I'm not impressed by webdings.

Ya know, I think I'm gonna hate all of the 'provided' fonts (i.e. the Trebuchet I'm trying right now - gag), so I might just have to make my posts somewhere else and then cut and paste to here. If I can be ever so clever.

So for now, my little Courier and I will shutty.

PU Out