Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gone too soon.

The Remains of Halloween by pietroizzo
The Remains of Halloween, a photo by pietroizzo on Flickr.

I worked so hard on my little pumpkin friend. Shaping his face with a carrot peeler and sharpened knife; sculpting cheeks and wrinkles, frowning brows, and a sneer.

Soon, a black spot appeared on his cheek and grew like a porous cancer. I thought that if I laid him on his side, the ventilation moving through his head might dry the tissue and slow the moldy growth. But alas.

As I picked him up, the skull started to cave in, and my fingers began to penetrate the fuzzy gray soft tissue beneath the skin.

I tossed him in the garbage. But first, I stuffed a kleenex into the hole on his face, dribbled on some bright bloody red hot sauce, and left his corpse for Mark to find in the morning.

Happy Week Before Halloween.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Punkin Guts.

30/10/10 - Pumpkin Carving by Bond Girly
30/10/10 - Pumpkin Carving, a photo by Bond Girly on Flickr.

Sid & I decided that this year we were going to actually CARVE our pumpkins rather than let them sit around the house until the Christmas season. So we put on one of our favorite movies, Harry Potter, and went to town - for hours. The worst part of carving a pumpkin is the fight with the messy, slimy, tangle of seeds that have to be scraped free in preparation of taking that first eye slice. Soon, the house was full of the musky-sweet scent of raw pumpkin and wet newspaper. Ya know, after doing all of that work and slopping up the goopy seeds, I find it incomprehensible that overachieving hippie earth-mother mommies (who probably give birth in the bathtub while canning peaches) will slush through that mess in order to pick out the seeds, soak them in salt, then roast them in the oven. No food is worth that. But I digress...
Anyway, I love this time of year. The trees slip on their gold, yellow and orange outfits in their last sunny fling before their brown winter strip-tease. I love the way the sheets feel when I climb in at the end of the day - cool and crisp with a hint of the cold feet to come by morning. The pressure on my toes is a reminder that the comfy-cozy warmth of the comforter is just a tug away. Soon, the smell of burning wood will season the neighborhood each evening, and the sweatshirts will come out of storage, bringing their own woodsy drawer-scent. The hot chocolate, cider, and camomile tea will be regular companions as we relax with a good book or movie.
Aaah. It's a wonderful time of year. Even if the pumpkins don't get carved.