Sunday, March 6, 2011

Leilana's Peace

spring break by stoneth
spring break a photo by stoneth on Flickr.
I've been thinking about "beauty" a lot lately. Maybe because it's what I do for a living now - try to help women feel pretty at a makeup boutique in Sacramento.

Women of all size, race, age, and status come into the shop. Some know who they are and ask for what they need to complete themselves: "I just need some more of my foundation," or "I ran out of Mineral Veil."

Others come in because they're curious; they walk slowly and study the shelves, wondering at the rows of tinted powders. Maybe turning the super-sized lazy susan full of glimmering eyeshadows, then carefully dipping a finger into a pot and scuffing it onto the back of their hands.

The shy and self-conscious, hopefully asking: "Is this really as good as they say?" No mention of the acne boiling from her forehead or the dark spots that betray years of fighting the battle. But there's hope in the eyes that maybe THIS makeup is the one.

And then there are the dissatisfied, frustrated, obsessed. Pinning their life's problems onto a freckle that only they can see: "Can you cover this?" But nobody can.

I want to forget myself. To pass a mirror and skip the disgust because I'm not a size 4 anymore. To get ready for the day and rejoice that for a girl of 54 I'm still doing okay.

Even with a few spots and creases.

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