Saturday, November 8, 2008

Too lazy to bake!

no bake cookies!
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Yesterday I was starving for junk - not an unusual event in my life.

I planed on baking chocolate chip cookies, but I decided they were too much work. (I'm such a homemaker.)

So today I finally caved and decided to make an easier-style cookie - NO BAKES!

My first mistake was to double the recipe. Quickly followed by the fact that I used a too-small pan. But I had already put the butter in and it was a'meltin' ~ and I thought that Mark had pitched our bigger pot cuz the teflon is getting wonky on the bottom. But that's another story.

So I started adding the sugar, foolishly hoping that, against the laws of the universe, the sugar in melted form would somehow fit into it. Then I forgot how many cups of sugar I had added.

I realized there wasn't enough room for all of the ingredients anyway, so I decided to look around for another pan. And found the one Mark hadn't thrown out and made the switch.

So I faked it and added sugar until it looked right. But then there wasn't enough cocoa powder. Or oats.

The mixture rose to the top of the pan ~ and as I frantically stirred and lowered, and lowered the temperature, it boiled over. It was too heavy to lift with one hand, so I just resigned myself to a later scrub job.

When all was said and done, I had a ton of sugar/butter/peanut butter/vanilla syrup, and enough oats that it took so long for it to mix up that it all sugared.

So now we have about 10 cookies and a huge bowl of sugar/butter/peanut butter/vanilla oat granola.

And I don't even want any.

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