Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flock the Halls

December 3, 2008.

And I'm so psyched. Christmas is coming soon, and I'm not sick of the seasonal props or songs yet!

Since the real thing dries up too soon for me to give up, I'm ready to settle, and pull the ol' fake tree out of the garage; putting it together branch by metal pot scrubber branch and slinging strings of each person's favorites along the branches ~ blinking tiny colors, fat old-fashioned non-blinking colors, white blinkers up the middle. With all of the strands of wonderful light, it's amazing that the breakers don't pop every half hour.

I adore Christmas. I love the colors, the dangles, the lights and twinkles, the glitter and glitz. I don't care how commercial it is. I just love it all.

Especially what it really means. And I'll celebrate that amidst color and song.

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