Monday, June 22, 2009

" A Nice Place to Visit "

The Twilight Zone
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There's nothing like a 1960's episode of The Twilight Zone. Especially one that features a smiling, gratuitous Sebastian Cabot who comes to the aid of a hoodlum who is shot by the cops.

Taken to a beautiful mansion by the portly Cabot, who is impeccably dressed in an immaculate white suit, the hoodlum (played by Larry Blyden) is at first incredulous, then leeringly overjoyed.

First, he's presented with new clothes ~ "Hey, Fats, your man knew my specs!" then a sumptuous meal, which he quickly assumes is poisoned. When reassured by Fats, who then prompts him to recall that he was shot by the police, he is surprised that even after his unsavory life, he has been welcomed into Heavenly bliss.

Soon, though, when his every whim is granted ~ 'dolls' and cars, gambling tables and parties ~ he becomes bored with his perfect life. Every pull of the one armed bandit is rewarded with buckets of quarters, every pool shot sinks all of the balls.

Complaining to Fats, he asks if it wouldn't just be possible if he could arrange a bank heist. Fats assures him that it would be just fine. Which bank would he like to rob? What kind of getaway car would he like? Frustrated, Byden says, "I'm sick of everything going my way! Now that I know how boring it is here, I wanna go to the other place! I don't care if it isn't Heaven!"

And Fats leans back and laughingly roars, "Why Mr. Jones. Whatever made you think you were in Heaven?"

I know that this was supposed to be about Hell....

But this episode made me grateful that Heavenly Father doesn't give me everything I want, and that His plan is that each of us can learn by our own choices and consequences. Otherwise this life would truly be a Hell on earth.

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