Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paint Wrist

Paint Cans in La Paz
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The outside of the house is done:

Stucco Walls: Green
Garage Door: Darker Green
Trim: Chocolate Brown
Door: Bright Red
Equals: Mint Chocolate Chip with a Cherry on Top House

The 'computer room' is done:

Slick Dark Green 'accent' wall
Cowboy Painting & Paraphernalia
Dad's Recliner
Gramma & Grampa's Indian Print
Equals: A real 'room' rather than a garbage can.

Sid's garage sale headboard is almost done:

Puttied holes & cracks
Sanded sticky-out splinters
White accidental 'primer' layer
Second coat is finished
Equals: Sore knees and wrist & a vow to use spray paint 'next time.'

The house we pick out better look exactly the way we want, cuz I don't want to do this again.

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  1. AHHHHH!!!!!! You little sneak! This is your sanctuary in the late hours. I suggested you write when I was worried about you, not knowing you were writing all along!!
    I am so insightful! Wait, you're insightful, and witty, and well rounded (mentally). I looked to the right and saw your cry for recognition, so I got that in right away! Oh, and one other thing, I care about you!!!!!!!! :)

    I am intimidated by this site. I am not sure I can respond adequatly to your post. I am a shallow person not given to deep introspection (that's a lie) and I am afraid to spill my guts for all to see (that's a lie). But because you are my only living female relitive that I like, I will respond to this post. Here goes.......Are you painting and repairing your house to sell, or are you having a house built as we speak?