Monday, April 27, 2009

and the other shoe drops...

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Friday was the end of a long emotional journey.

A family was in tatters as they watched a husband, father, brother, son - one of the church's and city's Golden Boys - handcuffed and led unrepentant from the courtroom where he had just been sentenced to 6 years in prison for sexual abuse.

A dentist who gave up a lovely wife, 7 dear children, 3 grandchildren - for the thrill of walking on the edge. For pulling shirts open and checking moles. For brushing fingers across breasts to pick up tools. For massaging down necks and over breasts to treat jaw pain.

And Sidney and I walked away from the courthouse - me sobbing. Jubilant yet brokenhearted. And Sidney comforting me as she walked me to the car.

Justice was served, and our abuse was vindicated.

God bless his poor, sweet family. And comfort his victims. And help the prisoner return to us repentant, rehabilitated, and whole.

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