Monday, January 4, 2010


Presley Paige
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I'll come clean.

I prefer big dogs. I have always considered any dog under 20 pounds a 'drop-kick dog.' Not just useless, but unworthy of the breath that they steal from REAL animals.

I've especially despised Chihuahuas. I've always found them yappy, unsmiling rodents who dart up to you so fast that your ankles are bloody before you've had time to take evasive action. Unless they are mincing and wiggling on your lap, slathering kisses into your mouth as their smiling owners say, "Oooh. He LIKES you!"

Kill them all. Stupid dogs. Stupid owners.

But then I met Mocha. My cousin's totally, un-nasty TINY dog. I had no idea that Chihuahuas can fetch little balls. That they are fierce and fearless at tug-of-war and play-growl like they can whip a 200 pound man. That they really CAN be taught not to eat the neighbor lady.

And they are soooo stinkin' cute when they get sleepy and their yawns are so big that they almost turn inside out.

I want a Chihuahua. And I would only let it bite mean people who call them 'drop-kick dogs.'

I guess you can teach an old lady new tricks.

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