Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was driving home from school after a wretched day this week and I saw a lovely
Porsche Carrera - the youthful symbol of
"someday I'LL make it big and drive a car like that!"

"Wow," I thought. "That just looks like a V.W. Bug that's been
smooshed between 2 other cars!"
(I may have even said it out-loud, although I was alone in the car.)

So it got me to thinkin' ~ even though I really had been thinking really hard all day at school....

Aren't we each pretty ritzy and cool in our own way? And appreciated by our most important people ~ just because of our own gifts and talents?

I guess I'm okay with being a V W Bug on the outside as long as my loved ones
think I'm a Porsche on the inside.

Although, I would rather be light blue than yellow.

Carrera 4
Originally uploaded by Aron Andrew

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