Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I learned in Haircut School

Haircut 8/25
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It's been a loooonnnnnggg day.

I got some more practice on this type of cut (solid form) this week. It's a cute, current cut, so I gave up on trying to grow mine out and had it done on my own head Saturday. I am now younger and prettier - in my own warped mind.

Today was Labor Day - a day off from school mostly because I'm off on Mondays!

I got up and goofed around for a while since I spent Sat & Sun mostly sleeping & recovering from last week. (This school thang is gonna KILL me!) Then I tossed in a couple of loads of laundry so I'd have clean underwear and towels for school, then I decided to study, and then study, and then do a little studying. (Did I mention that I failed my 2nd quiz?)

I wrote the key info from the first 30+ chapters from our book into a small notebook which is about the size of 3 X 5" cards. I probably wrote about 50 pages.

It took over 5 hours.

If I fail another quiz, my self-esteem will be in the gutter and I will want to quit -- even more than I already do when I'm exhausted and overwhelmed.

Anybody want a haircut??

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