Thursday, March 5, 2009


Titian Wedding Party
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Dear Barbie,

I was digging around in my flickr scrapbook and just found this picture of you guys' wedding! Can you believe it? It was such a lovely and festive day - yet you both looked as though you were going to the guillotine! So serious for 2 people in love!

Ken was so handsom with his head of fuzzy flocked hair. It's a shame most of it rubbed off after a few short years. His suit was a bit baggy that day, but I'm sure it was just because his dresser was in such a rush to "get him to the church on time." I remember how much we teased him about that silly red cummerbund that he chose to go with the little red bow-tie. He was sure stylin' that day!

And what a beautiful bride you were. I wish we could see those darling shoes you were wearing. I have such fond memories of ALL of your high heels. It's as though you were born with stilettos on ~ you wore them for so many years that you finally turned into one of those women who can't stand with their feet flat!

Didn't little Skipper look so cute in her yellow flower-girl dress? She was such a sweet child, wasn't she? And Midge in her complementary bride's maid dress...what a great friend she was to all of us, huh? It's too bad "they broke the mold" after those two girls were born.

It was nice to see your hair "up" that day instead of in the pony tail. At least you kept your trademark curly bangs. Remember how those came back into style in the late 70's? But wow! That color! That was only one of the many shades of the rainbow your pretty head featured ~ but no matter how lovely they might have been, my favorite was the lovely platinum blond that glowed in the sun.

It's been a great 50 years, my friend.
Happy Birthday to You!

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