Saturday, May 15, 2010

People-Control Pills

Birth Control
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About a month ago, Sidney's former "bosom friend" - the girl who played Diana to Sid's Anne of Green Gables - posted a message to Sidney on her facebook page congratulating her on her marriage and the upcoming birth of her baby. Sidney was less than happy. Much less than happy.

It was not the first time that "Diana" had done something like this. And not the first time that she apologized over-sincerely - and then turned the situation around and blamed Sidney's reaction on misinterpretation and over-sensitivity. I got a message from a friend in Montana who had heard from her daughter - who lives in Los Angeles - that I'm going to be a grandmother. So because of a "joke," I have good friends 3,000 miles away wondering why I haven't told them about my child's upcoming parenthood.

And I'm so overly sensitive that I'm hoping someday somebody comes up with a pill that will shut the mouths of the "Dianas" of the world.

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