Wednesday, August 6, 2008

cherry garcia ice cream

Well, in the spirit of bolstering the shaky U.S. economy, I purchased 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream tonight.
In the spirit of OCD, I ate one entire pint an hour later.

And in the spirit of feeling like an out of control glutton, yes, I do.
(Photo originally posted on by 'cafemama')


In other fascinating news - that I'm only posting because I'm here and I feel like I should actually SAY something - Mark leaves for a massive 4-day Boy Scout Campout tomorrow morning, so the two of us went to Costco today to purchase bazillion potatos, several boxes of cookies, tons of sausage, and about $300 worth of other food. (No B&J CG, tho.) It was great fun for me, because I am always happy shopping and spending money.

The only problem is that we took Sidney's truck. The tail-gate doesn't go down, so we had to pass several 50 lb boxes over the top then slide and mesh everything together. It all fit perfectly - kind of like playing one of those fit-together games - but it was such hard, hot work that it wasn't even worth spending somebody else's money to get my shopping fix.

Maybe that's why I 'needed' an ice cream fix.

Have you ever noticed that all of the "Hot Girls" and "Live Links" telephone hook-up commercials come on after 11pm. Oh well.

Ooops. Leave it to Beaver is on. Time to go.

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