Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gimme a Ring Sometime.

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Well, the Olympics are on, and we're watching some young, amazingly outrageous young men flipping around on the rings. It's amazing how they can hold themselves in those 'crosses' and fling themselves around into landing just SO.

Although their muscles are cut and defined and bulge with power, my first thought upon seeing a closeup of one young man was, "I could get a needle into those veins."

The opening ceremonies last night were extravagent and lovely, but I got bored so when Sidney admitted that she was as well, we switched channels and watched something vapid. Clearly it was memorable.

Of all of the events, I believe the gymnastics is my favorite - not just because I could draw blood from the contestants, but because the movements are so graceful yet strong.

A girl from our ward, Jill Camarena, is competing in the shot put, but I don't know when she's up.

This is boring, so I'm going to shut up now.

Sometimes I can be witty, sometimes I'm just boring. Right now, I'm afraid I'm just plain boring.

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