Monday, August 4, 2008

Peach Freezer Jam

Peach Freezer Jam
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Ahhh, the smell of too many peaches.

Our former neighbors dropped off a huge bag of peaches the other day and they've been mouldering on the table while we wait for the perfect stage of ripe-goodness.

I'm not a big fruit person (unless we're talkin' the cherries in Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream), so I wasn't a big help at the testing.

Unfortunaltely, some started to look like rodents, and juice was spreading across the table ~

UNTIL . . . Mark came home today with a gleam in his eye and a plan to whip up a quick batch of freezer jam. His reasoning was that it was much easier than canning since you don't have to cook it. Little did he know....

I helped him by 'poaching' and skinning them and he, Sidney and I sliced and chopped. We had so many that we had to get into our food storage (church canned sugar!) for supplies.

It's 3 hours into the project, and I don't think Mark will ever make simple freezer jam again.

But it will never, EVER again taste so good!

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