Monday, August 25, 2008


Today Lacy started to act wonky. She's been sneezing and sniffling, and then began to look as though she was having little seizures. This morning, we realized that Sid had been giving her 1/10th of her antibiotic, so neither the incision nor the (usual!) cold she caught at the vet was being treated.

AND. . .yesterday, we took the adhesive tape off of her good leg because it was getting ratty and frayed and was really bothering her. It covered the fentanyl pain patch, but Mark said that the usefulness had probably worn off. The patch itself was completely stuck to her fur, so we left it. No biggie, right?

Wrong. Biggie. Evidently, since then, she had licked a patch that still had active meds and they probably made her loopy!

We had discontinued her oral pain meds (per instruction), so the vet said she was probably still in pain and because of her cold, she couldn't breathe right if she put her head down. When she started to fall asleep, she'd catch herself and jerk up to stay awake. She would be laying on her side and just spaz. But what finally pushed it over the edge was when she sat facing the wall with a glazed-over look, and just start to tip over.

Well, of course, all of this seizure-tipping over deal started at about 7pm, so I figured, "What the heck. Why not spend another wad of cash on a cat that we've already spent a fortune on?" I mean, which is worse? Spending nearly $2000 and letting the cat die within a week, or putting out another $170 to get her back on track.?

They gave her an IV of fluids to re-hydrate her and flush out the fentanyl, as well as some tranquilizers to help her rest.

WE got lots of reassurance - and a nice VISA charge.

Crazy-expensive cat ---- but she's dang cute.

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