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What the heck have I done??

I got through my first week of school, even tho my brain exploded on Wednesday.

This picture SO represents how I feel right now. I know there's a finish at the end of this whole program but how in the heck am I going to figure out how to get there?

The week was madness. We covered 14 chapters - and it's a foreign language. It's not hair 'cutting,' it's 'sculpting.' They're not 'scissors,'
they're 'shears.' There are design lines and projections, activation, mobile, and uniform. Each term has a definition, and each definition has 2 to 7 parts - each with IT'S own definition.

After a while, it all blended together, and nothing stuck in my brain. I read and read, and I felt like I was swimming upriver. Naturally, all of the other students are catching on quickly, and shouting out the answers. And I sit and stare - but at least it's not with my mouth hanging open.

My table-mate is a young gay boy named Cory, and he is the nicest kid. He's 6'4" and has this huge body that takes up more than half of our space - his stuff spreads onto my side of the table, and his legs are always shoving my chair over. Luckily, he's already had 1300 hours at another Cosmo school, but his dad decided not to pay for it. (He couldn't get student aid cuz he lived at home, so he moved out for a year to be eligable for a loan.)

So he knows TONS already, and since he is also a drag queen (!), he knows more about make-up and famous product brands than the teacher! He actually owns his own blow-dryer that he paid $350.00 for, and has a studio partnership lined up. Anyway, since he's my partner on procedures, he's a great help to me. And his hair is really short, so he's easy to style!

We did get to cut our model head's hair on Friday, and that was pretty intense, but I did well and it was a real boost for my ego! It gave me hope that even tho I flunked my very first test that morning, I might just get through it. The funniest part was that when we had to shampoo the heads in the sink, mine ended up face down, and I got water all over the floor. It was a mess, but everyone got a real kick out of it.

Anyway, it's really fun - while I'm there - but when I wake up in the morning, I'm ready to quit because it's sooooo hard. They say it will get better, so I'll tough it out and it will finally sink in one of these days.


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